Consulting Services

We love blogging as a way to stay connected, to delve deep, to provoke, debate, and hopefully make sense of the chaos of information in the digital marketing arena. We’ve been doing so since 1999. Blogging here on Traffick is our occasional, part-time, and sometimes too-addictive passion. It’s actually how we got our start in this business.

Back then, we didn’t know too many folks in the game. Like so many others have found: if you pay attention to the industry, the industry will start to pay attention to you. We just picked subject matter that hopefully didn’t overlap too much with, and started writing. Not long after the site was founded, we won awards from Yahoo and BBC Internet. We were flattered, and it motivated us to keep going. But by 2002, the consulting business was taking off, so the goal here was mainly just to keep pushing out interesting ideas.

If you’re like us, you find it a treat to go back to one of your favorite blogs, like Seth Godin’s, and catch up on five or six juicy, thoughtful posts. Mmm, mmm, good.

Nowadays, lots of people blog. Many produce news recaps, or relate something they’ve heard elsewhere. If we don’t have something insightful to say, we’ll try not to say anything at all. That’s why, as you’ll notice, our posts are a bit longer than some you’ll find elsewhere. Though not as long as Steve Yegge’s.

Full-time, we run a digital marketing agency called Page Zero Media. Founded in 2000, Page Zero serves a wide diversity of clients. Direct Energy, Canon, Hover, BLR, Torstar Digital, E*TRADE, and Canadian Tire are just a few recent examples. We focus on paid search, strategic SEO services, conversion improvement, and other core digital marketing disciplines focusing on measurable performance and online reputation enhancement. We’re perhaps best known as world-famous Google AdWords experts, but our clients increasingly seek solutions to integrated marketing challenges. A couple of our clients have pointed to us and noted: “I’m understaffed. You’re my marketing department now.” Trusting performance-obsessed search marketers with your strategic marketing plan? Some might say: crazy! We say: what took you so long?