And now you know why Yelp proactively filters suspicious reviews.


I rarely “out” spammers, but this one really gets my goat.

About a week ago, I received a blanket pitch from “Toronto’s foremost social media expert,” offering a variety of nebulous services. I found it more than a little odd that the foremost expert on social media and reputation did not have a LinkedIn profile. I also found his claim to have a “strong academic background” grating when it was asserted with no proof. And finally, his inane blog posts (fresh for November 2012!) gave tips on things like link building for SEO, with the great suggestion of “submitting to directories like dmoz and Joe Ant.”

But being busy, I chalked it up to another annoyance of a day’s work and just hit “delete.”

Now, “Dave” is back with another email, this time promising 50 fake Yelp reviews — you know — to help you / your clients’ reputations. Totally undetectable, by the way.

“Dave” — I know the economy may be tough, but for losers, it always is. If you’re not a loser, I appeal to you to find better, more constructive, less scummy things to do with your time.

Here’s the full text of the email:


I can provide high quality Yelp Reviews for your business. These are 100% safe, done with different IP’s and written by professional Canadian copywriters – really detailed & 50 words long. My reviews won’t get filtered – 100% money back guarantee. This is totally legal.
Prices are $75 per review (4 stars) and $100 per review (5 stars). Minimum order: 4 reviews.
You can pay through PayPal, Email transfer or check.

Are you interested?

Talk soon,

Dave Rubino
Social Media Strategist
+1 416-841-3404
“Relationships are everything”

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