SES Toronto: Speaking Pitches Please!


In my role as a member of the SES Advisory Board and past Chair of this conference, I’m here to remind you that SES Toronto is but two months away! And that means we’re looking to have the final session and speaker list wrapped up in  2-3 weeks.

For now, we’re wide open to your pitches for existing sessions, or pitches for new sessions. While you may see a set-looking agenda on the website, keep in mind that for the time being, it is only a draft. By all means pitch.

A couple of background notes:

  • As always, pitching formally through the form (linked from the speaker guidelines page) is an absolute must. It may seem like a formality, but it’s too messy to have people informally expressing interest to individuals on the content team. Unless you are Avinash Kaushik, pitch like everyone else, please!
  • Speaking of Avinash, Google’s Digital Marketing Evangelist, we’re very pleased to welcome him to the Toronto conference to present fresh keynote material. A brilliant presenter and a longtime favorite in the Toronto market, Avinash will galvanize you to better tie your analytics and measurement activities to business results, and to think more ruthlessly about your analytical routines. His blog isn’t called Occam’s Razor for nothing!
  • If you’re pitching a session or just yourself as a speaker, it’s worth noting that in this market some perennially popular themes involve real world enterprise level (midsize to larger company) case studies, Canadian themes and examples, and credible technical information that can translate directly into improved conversion rates, search rankings, ROI, or user delight.
  • Globally, SES has worked relentlessly to keep its content fresh, relevant, and on the leading (if not bleeding) edge. The show’s acronym now stands for Search and Social, and our advanced-level pilots (such as SES Accelerator San Diego) have gone over very well. We’ve heard what the market has been asking for, and we’ve responded. We’re all about no-nonsense, top rated speakers mixing intermediate-level updates with more advanced material, to really stretch your mind and your capabilities. There are only two introductory-level sessions in this entire SES Toronto program, so if you’ve heard that “SES is the show with training wheels,” put that myth to bed. Only if by “training wheels” we mean top-rated sessions, top speakers, great networking, by far the largest SEM + social conference in terms of numbers, and a cast of advisers who travel the world and meet regularly to inject fresh directions into the conference in response to attendee feedback.
  • I’m looking forward to meeting you there. I should be speaking at the event, as usual.
And to make it even more interesting, I have a number in mind. That is the number of consecutive North American SES Events I have spoken at going back to my first one ever. That string remains unbroken at ___, counting the upcoming Toronto conference. If you reply in the comments with a guess as to the number… the correct guess will receive a delicious candy gift from Second prize is a free book. 🙂
Enter now … you can’t duplicate a previous commenter’s number. Unique guesses only.
Iron Man

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