AdWords Custom Polygon Targeting Sunset


According to recent information, the option to use the polygon tool should already have been removed from AdWords for new campaigns.

One of the quietest Google announcements in history, it seems that a widely used targeting tool (often touted as a major advantage over competitors) is simply going to be taken down (arrrgh!).

Existing polygons will be served until the end of 2011.

Seeing this, I assumed Google’s replacement for this would be ever more adoption of Google Places, location extensions, and other elements of Google’s current local strategy. But the polygon has its own uses. So that was a complete arrrrgh!

But … it seems that the radius capability will still be available, which was what we all used originally before the polygons rolled out. So phhheww!

The question is why? Why remove polygons, and why keep the radii?

Our real concern should be that the other shoe will drop in 2012, and it will be bye-bye, radii.

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