Five Essays on the Open Web – Post 5 – Marty Weintraub


On Black Friday, nobody can hear you blog. But perhaps fittingly, our final post of the week comes from social media advertising expert Marty Weintraub. Mr. Weintraub has allegedly been quoted as saying: “Facebook is the new black.”

Marty Weintraub:

The web is ubiquitous… and permanent.

The web is as ubiquitous and permanent as business, sex, sharing, ego, voyeurism, exhibitionism,  humans’ need to connect and our dear mothers’ lilting speech patterns.    The world wide web, its amazing tools and humanistic UIs, amplifies all that we people are, within and without.

The www will never mold, because it’s bridge technology that assimilates all the creative and commercial acumen that humans have attained, for better and worse. How important were the printing press, roledex, fax machines. supper clubs, arenas, theaters, wars, telephone, radio, broadcast, cable and satellite television networks?  The web is all of these, amplified, and more.

The web embodies the build out of all things human, with better tools for keeping track. It will exist as long as our planet has the resources and there are people about, doing what people do.

Marty Weintraub is President of aimClear, an Internet-focused advertising agency with offices in Duluth and St. Paul. He is a well-known speaker at conferences like SES and SMX.

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