Google AdWords Turns 10 Soon


I’ve recently been hearing that Google plans parties and/or promotions for the 10th anniversary of the Google AdWords launch.

With these anniversary dates, it’s often possible to come up with multiple dates, with beta launches and so on.

In this case it’s pretty clear-cut: Google’s launch announcement went out on October 23, 2000. This version of AdWords would bumble along with limited appeal until the “real” (CPC auction, with CTR’s in the formula) AdWords was released on February 20, 2002. Response to the real AdWords was strong, though there was some push-back by advertisers who preferred Overture’s pure CPC auction, published pricing, etc.

The vast majority of people working at Google — and even in the Google AdWords area — weren’t at the company then, and many wouldn’t come on board until 2005 and later. So if you were around and paying close attention way back then, that makes you special!

With all the budget that is now freed up by winding down the annual Google Dance, let’s hope Google has a bit saved up to recognize their long-time advertisers.

Oct. 23, 2000 is a special date for me, as well. It was my first wedding anniversary. For that one, I always knew there would be a tenth. With Google AdWords and all things dot com, I really don’t think many people thought in terms of ten years of survival. Whether newly married or launching technology products, outside of a large handful of dot com rich, pretty much everyone in the dot com bust haze of October 2000 was just focused on survival!

Over at Page Zero Media, this all just puts more burden on our party planner. As we’re moving to a new space, we’re holding an office-warming party doubling as a Hallowe’en party in mid to late October. Adding an AdWords 10th anniversary salute, and a hat tip to an 11th wedding anniversary? Let’s just hope there is plenty of punch to go around.

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