Freedom Sold Separately


Well, this is bizarre.

About a month ago, I posted some incoherent ramblings about number crunching… ramblings that included reflections on Paul the psychic octupus, rapidly declining Iranian fertility rates, and World Cup outcomes.

I’m not saying there is a connection, but quite possibly, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has his reputation management software set on “high alert for all multi-legged, decadent creature mentions,” as he just reportedly gave a speech associating the psychic octopus with decadent Western plotters and enemies, mentioning the poor mollusk as many as seven times in his speech.

According to Wolfram Alpha, octopus has only 90 calories in a serving, and is high in iron. Between his inherent nutritional value, and official Iran’s hatred of him, it’s not looking good.

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